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Residential Chain Link

Whether you want an enclosure for your kids, animals, or general security nothing beats the value of standard chain link. If you want to improve the appearance of the chain link look into privacy slats or color systems which are available in various colors. Currently Installing Chain link fences in Utah County

Commercial Chain Link
A commercial chain link fence is an affordable option compared to other fencing materials. The woven nature of a chain link fence provides an unobstructed view of a property and the surrounding area while also providing the necessary security. The galvanized and aluminized coatings used on the links help prevent rust so minimal maintenance is required.

We offer Galvanized and Black Chain Link as well as Privacy Slats!

Picture of Chain Link


Privacy Slat Colors
Dark Green Slats


For both residential and commercial use, chain link fencing is one of the most popular options – and that’s likely due to its practicality.  A chain link fence offers several advantages to homeowners and businesses. Whether you’re looking to enclose a backyard, commercial building or industrial area, this type of fencing may be the ideal choice.

1. Affordability - When compared to other fence materials, chain link is among the least expensive to install. If budget is a big concern of yours, you really can’t go wrong with this type of fencing.

2. Variety -If you’ve seen one chain link fence, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. With varying heights, different gauges and a range of color coatings, this fencing can be customized for a variety of applications.

3. Low Maintenance - When properly installed, this fencing doesn’t require much maintenance at all. Thanks to galvanized, aluminized or vinyl coating, it won’t rust or gather dirt. The most you may have to do is trim off any plants growing up along the links.

4. Visibility - Unlike other fence materials, chain link fencing is effectively see-through. Visibility can be a huge benefit, as it only allows you to see people approaching, but also enables sunlight to reach your property.

5. Quick Installation - Chain link fencing can be installed much more quickly than other types of fencing. If you’re on a tight timeline or just want to have your property enclosed fast, this may be a major advantage. 

6. Durability -This type of fence is incredibly tough, as it’s made from interlocking coated steel wire. Plus, because the wind passes through the openings, the material is far less susceptible to weather-related damage.

7. Easy Repair - If a section of fencing gets damaged somehow – in an accident or from vandalism, perhaps – it can be cut out and replaced quite easily. And, since the coating will be a perfect match in color to the rest of the fence, the repair work won’t be noticeable.

8. Security - This strong steel fencing can create a secure barrier, keeping out anyone who shouldn’t be on your property. The fence can be built to a significant height, up to 20 feet if necessary, and additional deterrents, such as barbed wire, can be added at the top to prevent climbing.


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