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The ENDURATURF® mixture of Dwarf Turf Type Tall Fescue grasses were developed from selections of forage and pasture grasses that exhibit durability and strength. Plant breeders substantially modified this turf grass through hybridization and other techniques to produce a very desirable ornamental turf grass. These grasses exhibit excellent traffic tolerance and deep root systems down to six feet.

ENDURATURF®will extract water and soil nutrients from deep into the soil profile. Research at Kentucky State University proves that Turf Type Tall Fescues such as ENDURATURF® can provide equal turf grass quality on 35-40% less water during an entire irrigation season. Other evidence supports that drought tolerance of Turf Type Tall Fescue is very strong due to the deep root system. A dark genetic green color has been developed into this rugged grass species. Certain varieties selected for the ENDURATURF® mixture exhibit early spring green-up and good late fall color as well as shade tolerance.

ENDURATURF® has a high tolerance for the abusive conditions of the summer heat and intense sunlight in the intermountain west. It does not enter into a semi dormant condition and loose color in July and August as Kentucky bluegrass does. This species was selected by plant breeders due to its disease and insect resistance, the rugged, durable characteristics and survivability under severe conditions of heat, drought, poor soils, salt and shade. Maintenance costs for ENDURATURF® are lower than Kentucky bluegrass by 30-40%, again due to lower fertilizer requirements of the plant and its natural abilities to ward off disease and insects. 

Most recently, plant breeders have been able to refine the leaf texture of the turf type tall fescues and other species selected for the ENDURATURF® mixture until they equal that of other long accepted ornamental turf grasses. Since the first turf type tall fescue entered the marketplace, some 30 years ago, the number of varieties available has increased to approximately 200 with many more being tested. Another recent development has been a slower rate of growth during cool weather, which requires mowing less frequently than comparative turf grasses.

You will continue to hear more about these unique species of turf grass in trade journals, from people who are encouraging conservative water use and from those who recognize the common-sense values of these plant characteristics in the landscape.

In Summary ENDURATURF® is:

  • Water Conserving

  • Disease and Insect Resistant

  • Deep Root System (4-6Ft.)

  • Shade Tolerant

  • Great Summer Color in High Heat

  • Dwarf (Slow Growing in

  • Traffic Tolerant

  • Adaptable to Low Quality Soils Cool Months)

  • Drought Tolerant

  • Medium leaf Width (Comparable

  • Dark Genetic Green Color

  • Dense and Thick to Bluegrass)

  • Non Invasive


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