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FenceTrac Fence Systems offer a versatile and durable fencing solution with steel posts and rails. This innovative system allows for various infill options, such as composite boards, wood, or metal panels, providing flexibility in design. With its strength, customization, and low maintenance, FenceTrac is ideal for enhancing property aesthetics and security in residential and commercial settings.



Full Privacy:

Simple & fast assembly. Infill materials slide into U-shaped FenceTrac rails. No need for hundreds of nails, screws, etc.


Typical installations require just (4) bolts per panel & self-tapping screws to attach Post Trac siderails to each post. (Hardware included). Slats can be installed Horizontally and Veritally.

If the need arises, infill materials can be easily swapped out or replaced by removing the top rail while leaving all other rails in place. When using standard FenceTrac, we recommend tongue & groove infill to provide the most strength and privacy.

Poly Vinyl Options.JPG
LuxeCore Options.JPG

Premium Composit:

LuxeCore™ is composed of a cellular PVC core encased in ASA (acrylic-styrene–acrylonitrile), a highly weather–resistant resin that provides more strength and resilience than most other resins.

LuxeCore is the best synthetic fencing material on the market and is competitively priced. The luxury finish, color and texture sets it apart from most traditional fencing solutions.

The product is wood-free, but gives a natural wood look that resists fading, staining and scratching with a 20–year structural guarantee.

LuxeCore is available in four colors. 

LuxeCore Options.JPG

HighPlains Ranch Rail:

HighPlains Ranch Post is a new product line under the Fencetrac brand – an innovative fencing solution designed to meet the needs of property owners who are looking for a reliable and versatile fencing option.

With exceptional durability, functionality, and aesthetics, HighPlains Ranch Post is sure to become a popular choice for those who want a fence that will stand the test of time.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum 6063-T5, these fence posts are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and built to last.

Moreover, HighPlains Ranch Post is compatible with a variety of fence styles and materials, making it a versatile option that can be tailored to your unique needs.

A modern, western-style fence option that’s versatile, stylish and lasts years longer than traditional fence options.



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