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Park with Grass


Perennial Ryegrass lawns are one of the best lower maintenance lawns.

This is one of the toughest and most traffic tolerant turf covers that can be grown. Ryegrass is noted for quick germination, shiny green color, fine texture (newer turf type varieties) and dense forming sod. High disease and insect resistance help to make perennial ryegrass one of the leading choices for lawn and athletic covers.

Rye grass is non-aggressive, vigorous grower, it quickly forms an erosion barrier for stability and beautiful color due to its rapid germination and establishment.

Rye grass is well adapted to short/close mowing. When mowed at two inches or less it presents itself in its best form. The short mowing brings out the golf course look in your yard. Short mowing is highly advised in the late Fall prior to winter dormancy. With less top growth the grass will emerge from dormancy quickly. If left long through the winter the thick dead top growth can impede and smother the new emerging spring growth.

Ryegrass is preferred by homeowners because it produces a dark green turf which rapidly develops a strong root system, responds quickly to fertilization, never needs pampering and is not subject to disease problems which plague most Kentucky bluegrasses.

Ryegrass performs in a wide variety of soil types and will do well in clay or compacted areas which are not subject to heavy use.


  • Exceptional wear tolerance

  • Early spring green up, extended fall color duration

  • High rating for disease and insect resistance

  • The highest rating for traffic tolerance

  • Good shade tolerance

  • Self-Repairing and prevents soil erosion

  • Great Color, fine texture and great density. Very soft under feet

  • Recovers quickly when and if damaged

  • Better Disease, drought and wear tolerance


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