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The focus of our turf grass research and development can best be expressed in the five D’s of turf grass:

  1. Darker – early spring green up and better summer color

  2. Denser – an increase in leaf tissue coupled with finer leaves

  3. Disease Resistant – varieties resistant to chewing insects and patch diseases

  4. Drought Tolerant – lower water usage saves you money during hot summer months

  5. Deeper Root Systems – providing better access to water and nutrients

We are so confident of our product, that we guarantee you will not find a finer turf grass anywhere!

We provide premium sod that is water effiecient. We offer four different types for you to choose from: 4EVR Blue, Enduraturf, Parks Blend, and Xerilawn. More information can be found about each type by clicking the pictures below.

We offer all varities of our turf as Seed too!

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Turf-type perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrasses are compatible, so the two are often combined in cool-season seed mixtures. The turf-type perennial ryegrass provides rapid germination, deep green color, disease and insect resistance, and wear tolerance. The Kentucky bluegrass provides the spreading rhizome system to repair damage. Together the two form a high-quality turf that is ideal for use on sports fields and other high-traffic areas, such as playgrounds and home lawns.



The ENDURATURF® mixture of Dwarf Turf Type Tall Fescue grasses were developed from selections of forage and pasture grasses that exhibit durability and strength. Plant breeders substantially modified this turf grass through hybridization and other techniques to produce a very desirable ornamental turf grass. These grasses exhibit excellent traffic tolerance and deep root systems down to six feet.



This is one of the toughest and most traffic tolerant turf covers that can be grown. Ryegrass is noted for quick germination, shiny green color, fine texture (newer turf type varieties) and dense forming sod. High disease and insect resistance help to make perennial ryegrass one of the leading choices for lawn and athletic covers.



XERILAWN® is unique from all other ornamental Turfgrass primarily due to combination of low water use, heat tolerance, traffic tolerance, and shade tolerance, adaptability to poor quality soils, deep rooting depth, and self-repairing ability.


Follow these simple rules for a healthy, lush, beautiful lawn.


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