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Split Rail Fence



A wood fence has a classic look that has stood the test of time. For privacy fencing wood is an economical and durable choice. The pickets are usually 6" wide and are 4 to 8' tall. Most commonly the pickets are dog-eared. This makes it easier to get a straight line along the top. Flat-top fence pickets are also used. The pickets can also be installed in a shadow-box style. This commonly known as a "good-neighbor" fence. A picture frame style can also be created in different styles. Another option is to run the pickets horizontally in rough, smooth or basket-weave styles. Currently installing Wood Fences in Utah County.

Split Rail

Property owners have been building split rail fences since the 1800s because they are sturdy, require few tools to build, and are adaptable to many landscapes and needs. Split rail fences are both classy and functional. As a visual cue to delineate property lines with neighbors and set limits for livestock, they are ideal. Because there are wide gaps between the rails, they provide a clear boundary without obstructing the view, making them a clear choice for many ranch owners.Split Rail can be made from Wood or Vinyl and can be installed with 2, 3 or 4 rails. To help with privacy, you can add wire mesh to your split rail fence and is an effective way to close the gaps between the rails. Currently installing Split Rail Fences in Utah County.

Dog Ear Wood Fence
Split Rail
Ranch Rail Fence


There are many different types of fencing material, but wood remains a ubiquitous choice, popular for its natural beauty and affordability. Not only is it easy to find a wooden fence that’s the right size, height, and color for your property, but it’s also easy to maintain a wooden fence. Repairs are as simple as replacing a board, and changing the look of your fence is as easy as a coat of paint or some new stain. What’s so great about wooden fences?

1. Affordable and Durable - Because wood is natural and abundant, the price of wood fencing stays reasonably low as compared to things like wrought iron, aluminum, or vinyl. When a wood fence is professionally installed and properly maintained, it can last for decades and remain attractive.

2. Low Maintenance - Maintaining a wooden fence is simple. With simple soap and water, you can keep your fence clean, and by treating it with paint, stain, or water repellant you can protect it from damage. If a panel becomes warped or damaged, it’s easy to repair by replacing individual boards.

3. Variety - The variety of wooden fences available is nearly endless. You can choose from pine, spruce, cedar, cypress, or redwood, painted or stained in the color of your choice. Since regular repainting or staining is a smart way to maintain your fence, you could conceivably change the color every year! What’s more, fences come in styles like board on board, split rail, picket, paddock, and many more, and can be customized to be the right height and width for your property. Because it’s so versatile, wooden fencing can complement just about any setting.

4. Environmentally Friendly - Because it’s a renewable resource, wood is a good option for those who are eco-conscious. What’s more, there is an increasing number of treatments that can protect wooden fences from rot and pests, yet are environmentally-friendly.

5. Increases Property Value - A wooden fence can increase your property value. Wood fences provide security and privacy, which are both appealing to home buyers. What’s more, wooden fences can keep your kids and pets safe and make your yard more enjoyable to use, which increases your property’s value for you for as long as you live in the house.


Split rail fences are a great choice for some properties but a bad idea for others. Here, we cover the main reasons you’d want to choose a split rail fence over other fence styles.


1. Cost Effective - Perhaps the biggest reason to get a split rail fence is how cheap it is. Because of the large gaps between rails and posts, a standard split rail fence takes significantly less material to build than other fences. Fewer resources mean a cheaper fence.

2. Easy Installation - Split rail fences are quick and easy to install. There’s really not much to a split rail fence. 

3. Extremely Low Maintenance - Split rail fences are often chosen for their natural, wooden look. As such, no painting, or repainting, is required.

Plus, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation. This makes them durable against deterioration and preserves their appearance for years. 

4. It Looks Nice - A split-rail fence is an aesthetically-pleasing way to outline your property. It gives your property a rustic, homey look while making it clear to others where your property begins.

5. Adds Some Security - With all the large holes throughout the split rail fence, it’s clearly not your top choice for home defense. But it does, at least provide a minor amount of security.

As we said, a split rail boundary around your property makes it clear where your property begins. This will discourage some amount of trespassing. 

6. Functionality - While it won’t keep all people out, it will keep most large animals on one side of your property or the other. Even with the large spaces throughout the fence, your livestock won’t get through. Likewise, your neighbors’ livestock won’t wander into your yard and eat all the grass.

7. Very Safe - Split rail fences typically consist of dull, rounded posts and rails that are very safe for everyone. Spooked livestock that charge into the fence are less likely to be injured. So are any children who decide to climb the fence.


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