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Wrought Iron Fence


Timeless and classic, a residential ornamental wrought iron fence complements a wide range of architectural styles. Whether your fence is needed for decorative or security purposes, its welded construction provides sleek lines along with strength and durability.

All of our residential wrought iron fences are custom-made to your specifications. Iron withstands significant force, so it cannot be easily damaged. Currently installing Wrought Iron Fences in Utah County.

Wrought Fence Flat top Style
Different Styles of Wrought Iron
Warrior Style Wrought Iron Fence


Wrought iron is one of the toughest, most durable fencing materials around, and its malleability also makes it the perfect medium for customization. Your ability to showcase your home’s unique personality is only as limited as your imagination! Here are some of the benefits of choosing wrought iron fencing for your home.

1. Durability - There is a reason that wrought iron is known as ‘100-year fencing’ and that’s because it is extremely durable. In fact, it is wrought iron’s low carbon content that greatly increases its durability beyond normal iron, and allows wrought iron fencing to stand strong for an extremely long period of time. It can also withstand a great deal of physical trauma and weather exposure without becoming damaged, bent out of shape or in need of repair or replacement.

2. Low Maintenance - Unlike other fencing materials, wrought iron is less susceptible to physical damage, so therefore it requires fewer repairs. Maintenance is also extremely low as most wrought iron fencing these days comes treated, so some will only require a regular wipe or hose down in order to keep them looking their best. 

3. Security - One of the other advantages of wrought iron is the level of security that it offers. Wrought iron fences that are secured in the ground are unlikely to be broken, cut through or torn down. They can also withstand physical pressure without falling over, so are ideal for keeping animals and large pests out of your garden. If your fence includes additional elements like decorative spears or spikes, then you can also guarantee you’ll be discouraging intruders from climbing over your fence into your property too!

4. Aesthetic Appeal - One of the wonderfully visual benefits of wrought iron is the timeless and classic aesthetic beauty that other fencing materials just can’t replicate. Wrought iron fencing can be designed to match your home’s overall color scheme, and it can be easily worked and shaped into interesting patterns and shapes due to the nature and malleability of the metal. Wrought iron fences can be styled to complement a range of home designs, from traditional and formal to modern and casual.

5. Enhancing - Wrought iron fences can improve your home’s exterior appearance, and their aesthetic value can also increase its ‘street appeal’ and act as a focal point for your entire property. Intricate curves, spirals and classic columns can also incite a feeling of luxury, and boost your home’s value as a great investment.


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